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    Claas Möhlmann


    Software Developer

    Email address: Location: Cologne, Germany GitHub: @SantaClaas Mastodon:

    Hi, I'm Claas. I'm developing software since 2017 and have build many projects in different languages. Most of what I do is web development which is why I am currently putting my focus on it in while studying Digital Technologies & Coding B.Sc. at Macromedia University in Cologne. When I am not learning or working on projects for my studies I like to follow my many ideas for software projects and try out new Technologies. The part that is the most fun for me is creating interfaces and apps for people and think about how I can make them approachable for everyone to use. I believe that technology plays an important part in our society and that we carry an important responsibility.


    B.Sc. Digital Technologies & Coding

    at Macromedia University ↗


    I'm currently studying for my Bachelor's degree in Digital Technologies & Coding

    Software Developer

    at ck.solution ↗

    During my stay I was responsible for
    • Developing and maintaining a RESTful web API
    • Developing a web app using the before mentioned web API
    • Developing a React app that acts as Microsoft Outlook Add-in to archive emails using the web API
    • Developing a web app to centrally install, update and manage apps from ck.solution on customer systems

    Computer Science Expert Apprenticeship

    Software Development

    at ck.solution ↗

    {#TODO Add description what company does #}

    In my role as apprentice I helped maintaining and developing new features for a document managament solution for SAP Business One that contained features such as digital archival of documents, approval processes and more. Additionally I helped maintain a job search web application. To the end of my two-year apprenticeship I rebuild a web application to allow access to the document management system outside of SAP Business One and a companies network for external employees or business partners. In addition I advised on, designed and developed a RESTful Web API including an authentication and authorization system to secure the system against unauthorized access as needed to be exposed to the internet. The project was part of my final examination for the at the Association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce which I passed with an A. After completing my apprenticeship, I continued working at ck.solution in my role as Software Developer.

    Computer Science Expert Apprenticeship

    Software Development

    at All about Ashley

    During my time, I learned programming and got to work on small projects as part of my position as Apprentice Computer Science Expert in Software Development or Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker der Anwendungsentwicklung in German which is part of the German Vocational Training System.

    Sadly the company went bankrupt in early 2019 after which I continued my apprenticeship at ck.solution in Ibbenbüren.

    B.Sc. Technical Computer Science

    at University of Twente ↗

    At the University of Twente in the Netherlands I started studying for my Bachelor's degree in Technical Computer Science. This was my first contact with software development. After 1½ semesters I decided to apply for an Apprenticeship position at All about Ashley in Ibbenbüren Germany instead as that helped me more learning software development.

    General Qualification for University Entrance

    at IGS Bonn-Beuel ↗

    I went to school in Bonn, Germany until 2017 and finished with the General Qualification for University or Abitur in German. It is comparable to American High School Diploma or A-Levels and is required for university entrance in Germany. After school I went to the University of Twente in the Netherlands to study Technical Computer Science.